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The Outdoor Stair Workout

If your like me, sometimes I just need a break from working out in the gym or a confined room, and really like to get a dose of exercise outside with some good sun and beautiful nature (not to mention you get some vitamin D from being outside too!). Furthermore, sometimes it’s just good to break up the monotony of our regular routine to reset our affinity and outlook towards fitness. I did this workout today and my legs were SHAKING after 15 minutes into the workout. The movements up and down the stairs mimic plyometric movements, which target your type 2 muscle fibers (the muscle fibers that make you toned and stronger).

Add some PEP to your STEP!

Add some PEP to your STEP!

This is a little different in that I did not provide a video for this workout, but have provided you with instructions. Complete the following taking rests as needed (make sure to drink water every 5-10 minutes).


Walk up and down the stairs 3 times.
Jog up and down the stairs 5 times (if knee problems just walk down).
Perform 1 minute of walking knee hugs, walking forward and to the side.
Perform 1 minute of heel toe walks.

Skip Steps

Run OR walk up the flight up stairs, climbing two steps with each step.
Jog OR walk down the flight of stairs
Repeat 3-5 times

Lateral Step Ups

Stand facing your right side to the stairs. Step right foot to the right side of first step. Push off of right foot and step left foot to the left side of the next step ( essentially your left foot is stepping over your right foot as you go up).
Continue up Running OR walking alternating sides
Jog OR walk down the flight of stairs
Repeat 2-4 times

Jump Ups

With feet shoulder with apart and knees bent, start on the ground and hop up onto the step in front of you (easy=jump on each step, moderate=jump and skip one step, hard=jump and skip two steps).
Repeat and hop up the entire flight of stairs, using your arms to propel you to each subsequent step.
Walk back down.
Repeat 3 times.

Two Up, One Down

This can be complicated at first, so practice it and take your time going backwards down the stairs (use railing if needed).
Jog OR walk up two stairs, then come back down one walking backwards. Then jog OR walk up 4 stairs, and then come back down walking backwards. Repeat and increase by 2 steps until you reach the top.
Repeat 2 times.

Lateral Hop Ups

Turn your body so that your right side is facing the stairs. Step up onto the first step with your right foot, and explosively use the upward momentum of your left knee and right arm to hop off and back on the right foot, with the left foot following to the ground closely after. Your going for height here. Option to place right foot on second stair for added difficulty.
Do 15 on right foot, then switch and turn, stepping up on left foot.
Repeat twice.

Click on the picture below for another outside plyometric workout using obstacles!strong>


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