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Strong & Lean Upper Body Workout

Get ready to REALLY work your upper body. Not ONE muscle will be spared! This is a 8 minute upper body interval workout that will really strengthen and define your arm muscles. You will need a mat and a set of dumbbells.

Perform this interval workout 2-3 times. 15 seconds of rest in between each pair of circuits.

1 minute: Tricep Dumbbell Matrix
45 Seconds: Up and Overs

1 Minute: Half Kneeling Shoulder Raise, Bend, Press
45 Seconds: Crab Reach Kicks

1 Minute: Down Dog Rows w/ Donkey Kicks
45 seconds: Inchworm Side Plank Twist

1 Minute: Staggered Push Ups
45 Seconds: Sit Outs

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  • Clay August 31, 2014, 9:23 pm

    This a great upper body workout with really good commentary!

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