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Football Speed & Conditioning Workout

Football season is here! If your like me, I sure do love me some football. What I love even more is seeing football players work on agility and conditioning. It is fascinating! Time to channel your inner Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, or (insert name of your favorite football player here!) with my Football Speed & Conditioning Workout
You will need:
-A Hand Towel on a slippery surface (wood floor is best)
-4 Dumbbells
-2 Strips Of Tape Lined Up On The Floor Parallel To Eachother
-2 Tennis Balls
-Timer (high intensity interval timer is best)
-Some Space (this workout can also be done outside with an agility ladder and cones).

Perform the following 5 exercises with at least 30 seconds of rest in between. This circuit can be repeated 3-4 times:
-45 Seconds: Floor Sweepers
-45 Seconds: Tennis Ball Speed Drill
-45 Seconds: Lateral High Knees Over Dumbbells
-45 Seconds: Side Shuffle With Low to High Chop
-45 Seconds: Speed Ladder Ickey Shuffle

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