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10 Minute Balance & Cardio Workout

Howdy! So I filmed a new workout this week- 10 Minute Balance & Cardio Workout. And there IS a purpose behind why I choose BALANCE.

I was fortunate enough to go to the Kentucky Derby this past weekend. While I was there, I wore these HUMUNGOUS wedge shoes. Needless to say, walking around the track certainly tested my balance and stability of my ankles. Which brings me to the workout.

What you need:
Stability Ball

Click on the image below to view the workout video

Here is the breakout of the workout.

Perform 8 reps of the following BALANCE exercises:

-Plank Foot Raise (8 alternating)
-One Leg Squat
-3 Point Balance Touch

Perform 30 seconds/10 seconds rest of the following CARDIO exercises:
-Knees and Toes
-Mountain Climbers
-Jack & Punch

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