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Workouts will be added regularly!

Refresh, Renew, Recovery Workout

AND I am back! This is the first workout video I have filmed since I moved into my new house, and it FELT GOOD! This workout is to fitness as Organic is to food! It is a great recovery workout that works on flexibility, mobility, and dynamic movement. It is a GREAT workout to do… Read More

10 Minute Balance & Cardio Workout

Howdy! So I filmed a new workout this week- 10 Minute Balance & Cardio Workout. And there IS a purpose behind why I choose BALANCE. I was fortunate enough to go to the Kentucky Derby this past weekend. While I was there, I wore these HUMUNGOUS wedge shoes. Needless to say, walking around the track… Read More

Bodyweight Tabata Cardio & Foam Rolling Workout

Ever get those days where every muscle feels tight and you could use a pick me up? (and not reach for that 5th cup of coffee of the day). I felt the same way the other day and decided to do a workout where I incorporated foam rolling into my body weight tabata cardio workout… Read More

Foam Roller Strength Workout

So I decided to get creative today…..as I had a situation where the painter decided to put all his tools in the garage and BLOCKED a path to all my fitness equipment ( I know, there are more serious problems out there). So all I had was a foam roller and I wanted to get… Read More

Full Body THANKSgiving Burn Workout

Since this is the time of year to give thanks, I wanted to give thanks to all of my clients, followers, and really anyone that has taken the time to read or view my content on my website. I am grateful and appreciative for your support, so I wanted to SAY THANKS! Below is a… Read More

The Outdoor Stair Workout

If your like me, sometimes I just need a break from working out in the gym or a confined room, and really like to get a dose of exercise outside with some good sun and beautiful nature (not to mention you get some vitamin D from being outside too!). Furthermore, sometimes it’s just good to… Read More

Football Speed & Conditioning Workout

Football season is here! If your like me, I sure do love me some football. What I love even more is seeing football players work on agility and conditioning. It is fascinating! Time to channel your inner Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, or (insert name of your favorite football player here!) with my Football Speed &… Read More

Strength & Agility Body Burner Challenge

Test your athletic ability with this strength building and agility packed workout. Get stronger, build power, and challenge your entire body in less than five minutes. All you need is a set of dumbbells. Make sure to warm up with my Dynamic Warm Up Video. You will be doing 3 sets, of 20 reps, of… Read More

Strong & Lean Upper Body Workout

Get ready to REALLY work your upper body. Not ONE muscle will be spared! This is a 8 minute upper body interval workout that will really strengthen and define your arm muscles. You will need a mat and a set of dumbbells. Perform this interval workout 2-3 times. 15 seconds of rest in between each… Read More

American Ninja Warrior Strength & Plyo Workout

Time to channel your inner ninja competitor! This is a 17 minute full body workout with exercises that mimic the actual obstacles on the TV show. Get ready to burn some major calories. Be sure to warm up before with my Dynamic Warm Up Video. You will need dumbbells, a mat, and a small towel… Read More