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Work With Me

Some of the reasons you may choose to work with me include:
  • You appreciate the importance of hands-on, professional supervision in a fitness program
  • You value ongoing fitness education and motivation
  • You have a hectic schedule, so you are seeking the most effective and time-efficient program
  • You are training for a specific activity or result (10k race, weight loss, sport)
  • You may have suffered from exercise related injuries in the past, and want to continue to stay active and prevent further injuries.
  • You want to make an investment in YOURSELF

Knowing that everyone has very different needs, goals, and experience, I have provided a variety of services to be able to work with you effectively and efficiently.

How about getting access to balanced workouts that you can do in the comfort of your OWN home or gym? Through my online personal training website and mobile app, now it is easier than ever for me to build you a balanced fitness program to work with your schedule and fitness level! READ MORE

For anyone who wants a very comprehensive and individualized training program. Motivation, encouragement, and a personalized touch tailored around your individual goals, needs, and fitness level. READ MORE

Love working out with a buddy? If you find motivation in working out with a friend or group, Semi Private(2) or Group Training(3 or more) will be the best for you. Your fitness program will be blended to include the needs and goals of each participant. READ MORE

Are you a competitive runner, triathlete, or active in a particular sport and want to improve your performance? If so, my sports performance training option is for you. Using the methods of periodization and specificity, I will help you to take your performance to the next level. READ MORE