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How to Exercise On a Busy Schedule

Do you constantly feel like you NEVER have time to workout? You may be a busy professional, full time parent, or you just don’t know WHAT to do in a workout when you have minimal time. Maybe you decide not to go to the gym because you don’t have an hour or more to dedicate to a workout. Follow my 3 tips below on how to exercise on a busy schedule.

1) Use The 30 Minute Model

I recently went to Todd Durkin’s mentorship program in San Diego, where Brent Gallagher from Houston, TX presented his 30 minute exercise model. Incorporating shorter workouts into your exercise program is a great way to vary intensity which minimizes your chance of hitting a plateau. Shorter workouts tend to be higher in intensity, and most of the time if you use short rest periods, you can burn major calories in 30 minutes. Use the model below to create YOUR OWN 30 minute workout. You will choose one exercise for each:
A1. Total Body (ex. Squat with overhead dumbbell press) A2. Core (ex. plank variation) A3. Movement in Space (ex. sprint, high knees, mountain climbers, etc)
B1. Upper Pull ( ex. row variation) B2. Lower Push ( ex. Squat variation) B3. Movement in Space (ex. sprint, high knees, mountain climbers, etc)
C1. Upper Push (ex. push up variation) C2. Lower Pull (ex. deadlift variation) C3. Movement in Space (ex. sprint, high knees, mountain climbers, etc)

Be sure to include 5 minutes of a general warm up of running, walking, cycling, etc.

2) Utilize What is Around you For Equipment

You might be asking me, “But what happens if I am traveling?”. I would say, NO EXCUSES! Use what you have available to you and just be creative. I have listed some common travel situations below and example exercises you can perform:
A. Hotel Room
Couch/Chair- Tricep Dips, Lunges with back foot elevated, Push Ups with Hands on couch, Planks with feet elevated, toe taps to get your heart rate up!
Body Weight Cardio- Mountain Climbers, High Knees, Supine Plank Dips (front of body facing to cieling), Squat Jumps, Skiers.
Length of Carpet In Room-Bear Crawl (forward, backward, lateral) Crab Crawl, Plank Walks.

B. Outside Park Area
Bench- Push Ups, Dips, Step Ups, Mountain Climbers hands on bench, Plank walks across bench
Grassy Area- Sprints (there and back) 2×40 feet, 3×30 feet, 4×20 feet. Switch this up by side shuffling or doing high knee skips.

3) Have A Plan

I can tell you the most important piece to get your workout done QUICK is to have a plan. Nothing too detailed (because that takes time too right?), but just list out the exercises you want to do. I have found this to REALLY help me get in and get out of the gym quickly and efficiently. That way when you get to the gym or start your workout outside or at home, you don’t waist time thinking about what to do next. Use the 30 minute model, write the exercises down, and then perform as many sets as you can in the amount of time you have. I reccomend 2-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

Find one or two days this week, when you normally think you wouldn’t have time to workout, and perform a brief workout using the tips above. Be sure to share your awesome workout on my Facebook Page!

Do you have a hectic schedule and find it hard to find time to workout? Do you feel like your life lacks balance? I am currently forming a group for my free 21-Day Mind & Body Transformation Challenge that will include workouts and mental exercises to help you live a healthy balanced life! Spots are limited. Comment below and I will contact you!

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