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How to Boost Your Cardio With 3 Agility Ladder Drills

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get sick of feeling like a hamster on a wheel when I run on the treadmill, ride the bike, stair climber, etc, to get my cardio fix. So recently I dragged my agility ladder out and decided to get my heart rate up performing some agility ladder moves and BOY WAS I SWEATING! So here I am going to talk to you about How to Boost Your Cardio With 3 Agility Ladder Drills.


Agility is the ability to change the body’s position quickly, efficiently, and with control. The agility ladder makes a great addition to your cardio routine and can help strengthen joints, ligaments, and tendons while also elevating your heart rate. The fast foot strikes and knee lifts also works your coordination and helps strengthen your calves.

STILL NOT CONVINCED YOU SHOULD TRY IT? A study by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found that agility training can also enhance cognitive skills such as memory. So we are talking about not only physical benefits, but mental benefits as well!

Now if you have never used an agility ladder before, it will seem like a new language. And the most common mistake is going too quick too soon. You will see in my videos below that I start off slow, and then once I get it down I move faster. The drills can range from simple walking between rungs to complex variations of the skip and shuffle. But to introduce you to this piece of equipment, I have filmed three basic drills for you to master and incorporate into your workouts.

You can get an agility ladder off of amazon at a very inexpensive price. BUT if you don’t feel like purchasing one, just use blue painters tape and stick your own ladder on a hard surface inside or outside. The wider you make the squares (or rungs), the easier it is.

TAKE ACTION: Perform each drill in sets of 1-2 minutes, with a 30 second rest in between. Repeat this 2-4 times for each drill depending on your fitness level.

Below are the tutorial video showing three basic agility drills. Click on each picture to view the video.

Agility Ladder Drill #1: In, In, Out, Out


Agility Ladder Drill #2: Lateral In, In, Out, Out


Agility Ladder Drill #3: Icky Shuffle


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