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Refresh, Renew, Recovery Workout

AND I am back!
This is the first workout video I have filmed since I moved into my new house, and it FELT GOOD!

This workout is to fitness as Organic is to food! It is a great recovery workout that works on flexibility, mobility, and dynamic movement. It is a GREAT workout to do a day after you worked out really hard OR just a workout on its own, as it still has some challenging aspects to it. It also would be good movement prep for a warm up.

What you need:
-A mat

Perform the following reps of each exercise based on your fitness level:

Beginners: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps

Here is the breakout of the workout:
-Squat Duck
-Half Kneeling Toe Grab (left)
-Half Kneeling Toe Grab (right)
-Lunge Lift Knee Drop (left)
-Lunge Lift Knee Drop (right)
-Down Dog Dance (left)
-Down Dog Dance (right)
-Back Rotational Leg Extension (left)
-Back Rotational Leg Extension (right)
-Quadruped Fire Hydrant
-Waddle Floor Reach

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Here is a 6-minute dynamic warm up to prevent injuries and help you to move in a full range of motion for your workouts! I highly recommend doing this warm up before engaging in my other workout videos.

Repeat 1-2 times:
-30 seconds Child’s Pose breathing
-1 minute high knees
-45 seconds runners lunge with elbow instep rainbow
-45 seconds inchworms
-45 seconds side lunge with quad pull
-45 seconds bird dogs