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Unloading: Combine Your Heavy Lifting With Functional Movements for Maximum Results

Hi Everyone! I was recently asked again by Olivier Poirier-Leroy from YourWorkoutBook.com to write an article about my favorite type of workout. It is titled Unloading: Combine Your Heavy Lifting With Functional Movements for Maximum Results. You will get A LOT out of this article if you:   1) Participate in Strength Training 2) Looking… Read More

Why You’re Not Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Have you ever worked towards a fitness goal where you realized the more fervently you worked toward it, the harder it became to achieve? Do you feel like sometimes you are working AGAINST YOURSELF with your fitness goals? Are you experiencing anxiety or nervousness towards achieving a life or fitness goal? If so, your good… Read More

12 Ways to Motivate Your Personal Training Clients

This one’s for all you personal trainers out there! I was recently asked to be a guest contributor to another fitness professional’s blog on ways I motivate my clients. Olivier Poirier-Leroy, a former national level athlete who writes for USA Swimming, STACK, and his own website, came up with an AMAZING article on 12 Ways… Read More

Are You at Risk For an Exercise Injury? Take This Test

If you are reading this then you like to work out, or you are doing so to meet your fitness goals. We all know the benefits of working out, hence why we would like to continue to stay active as we get older. But there might be one thing hiding under all those lunges, squats… Read More

3 Mistakes That Will Sabotage Your Fitness Resolutions

The new year is here! Time to put those fitness resolutions into ACTION. But before you do so, you may want to consider some things that might keep you from achieving your goals. We all start out like race horses out of the starting gate when January 1st hits. And while it’s important to keep… Read More

The 10 Forms of Wealth: The Best Self-Improvement Tool

Since the holidays are upon us, this is usually a time of year where we reflect back on our lives: what we are thankful for, the struggles we have endured, the mistakes we made, and the new year resolutions to achieve. I had the pleasure of being introduced to the 10 Forms of Wealth wheel… Read More

Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffin Recipe: Gluten Free

Fall is officially HERE! And you know that that means….. PUMPKIN PALOOZA! That’s right, pretty much every store or coffee shop offers all sorts of pumpkin flavored food and drinks. Why do they torture us and make us wait until fall? (creates more demand, ha!) But none the less, I really love the pumpkin flavor… Read More

5 Fitness Tips I Wish I Would Have Known Sooner

We learn many new things as we go through life. A lot of times we look back and think, “If only I would have known that sooner!”. Maybe things would have turned out differently, less struggles, more success, etc. There is definitely a handful of things I wish I would have known about fitness years… Read More

6 Strategies for Faster Workout Recovery

It has been a little crazy around here since my husband and I finally are getting settled into the new house we moved into. AND let’s not forget that its BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! And whether you have kids or not, it’s a great time to take your BODY back to school! For one more… Read More

How to Treat the Most Common Cause of Hip and Back Pain

This week I started training a new client that suffers from major back, hip, and leg pain. She basically has a serious case of Sciatica. You probably have heard of this condition before, and you may actually suffer from the same type of pain. So I wanted to dedicate this new blog post about what… Read More