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The Benefits Of Online Personal Training

We all know it isn’t hard to find a personal trainer. You could walk into a gym and find many credible candidates. Lately however, there has been an increase in hiring trainers online. Some might say that online personal training it isn’t as safe and effective, however you can’t deny the obvious benefits of going this route:

1) Affordable

Let’s face it: Hiring a personal trainer overall isn’t cheap. The key word is PERSONAL, and if you hire the right trainer, they are going to individualize a training program for you based on you fitness level, interests, goals, schedule, previous injuries, etc. At a gym you are likely to pay anywhere from $50-$85/hour for one 1 hour session. BUT TAKE A LOOK AROUND! (online that is). There are MUCH MORE affordable plans, programs, and hourly rates online. You can still get that INDIVDUALIZED programming that you need if you have a serious goal, at a much more affordable price. Take for example my 6-week training program for $175. If you went to a trainer once a week at a gym for 6 weeks, you would be paying close to $400. AND THAT IS ONLY ONE SESSION PER WEEK. You would be saving over $200 and getting more than double the workouts, because online programs usually consist of multiple sessions a week ( depending on the goal). What a bang for your buck! If your goal is less focused and requires less individualization, websites like Codyapp.com even offer bundles (around 30 workouts) for around $100.

2) Flexible

With hectic family and work schedules in this day in age, one could argue that they don’t have time to work out. BUT the advantage having an online coach, YOU can choose the best time to complete the workouts. You don’t have to work around a trainer’s schedule at a big crowded gym. Not only that but you can do the workouts in the comfort of the place you choose, whether it be your home, hotel room, apartment gym, etc. This can be very advantageous for people who don’t have a steady schedule and/or HAVE a hectic schedule where it makes no sense to pay for a gym membership, because you would never know when you would be able to go. Online workouts are programmed around the equipment you have available when you are available OR if you prefer the gym setting you can have a program geared around a fully equipped gym!

3) Effective

The effectiveness of an online training program can really rely on how motivated you are to reach your goal to begin with, but that would also still be a factor when working with someone in-person. Online training can have some EXTRA positive effect and motivation because most online trainers are an e-mail or Skype call away, or they drop their clients motivational e-mails. In addition, many fitness goals require strategy just as much as technique. Take running for example. Running doesn’t require a lot of form instruction, but more instruction on pace, distance, frequency, etc.

As there is advantages to both in-person and online training, it really is just a matter of preference. If you are a beginner or someone who prefers the face to face interaction, in-person training is probably your best bet. But if you just need some expertise and motivation, hiring an online trainer will make your investment last a lot longer.

Do you have a fitness goal and just need some expertise and guidance to get you on the track to success? Check out my 6-week Online Training Program where you can decide if online training is a fit for you through my FREE consultation!

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