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Are You at Risk For an Exercise Injury? Take This Test


If you are reading this then you like to work out, or you are doing so to meet your fitness goals. We all know the benefits of working out, hence why we would like to continue to stay active as we get older. But there might be one thing hiding under all those lunges, squats, and curls. And it’s called dysfunctional movement.. So are you at risk for an exercise injury? Take this test!

Dysfunctional movement can stem from a variety of things: lack of flexibility of the muscles, lack of mobility of the joints, stability issues, one side working different from the other, etc. This is a recipe for disaster, because our muscles and joints start compensating for the dysfunctional movement…. and that’s a risk factor for an exercise related injury. I think you can agree that nobody wants that!

You might be doing your lunges, squats, curls and other exercises, and say “Well Amanda, everything feels and looks fine in my form”, which may be the case (kudos for moving well!). BUT because our bodies are super adaptable, a lot of times the body will compensate in any way possible to be able to perform these movements. This is why I screen my clients using the Functional Movement Screen, which includes movements that you wouldn’t necessarily do day to day in your workouts. It’s reveals your weaknesses.

So take this test in my video below, to reveal how well your body is moving.

So how did you do? Did one side feel different than the other?

If so, I would highly recommend signing up for the Functional Movement Screen with me, OR looking up a Functional Movement Screen specialist in your area to get fully tested. Even though this is just one movement, the imbalance will most likely translate into many other movements as well.

In the mean time, here are some corrective exercises that will help in the video below.

As Gray Cook, the founder of the Functional Movement Screen says, MOVE WELL, MOVE OFTEN!

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