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Testimonial - Amanda K.
“Working out has always been apart of my life but I never REALLY got results until I met Amanda. Her passion for fitness and knowledge inspired and motivated me to take fitness more seriously. When she decided to to get her CSCS I knew that was her calling. She studied extremely hard and finished the hardest training degree incredibly fast. After that I knew she was going to be unstoppable. I love working out with her because she teaches you things and explains why they are important. She cares about YOUR needs and makes every workout about you but yet gives you a push because she will not settle for mediocre. There is not one other trainer out there that devotes their life to helping people like Amanda Jessop.” -Amanda K.
“Not only a great friend but a real fitness chick who knows how to go the distance in everything she sets her heart to. She is very observant as well as attentive with clients. This allows her to stay focused on helping them achieve their personal fitness goals. She uses her attitude and motivational spirit to put, you, the client first. There is something to be said about her talent and her fitness goals. She not only motivates you with the competitive edge but she will work with you to help you be your personal best. There are so many trainers out there who don’t listen to you, they hear what they want. Amanda will help you CHANNEL your INNER ATHLETE by listening to you.” -Kristin
“Amanda’s HIIT class is well-researched, carefully planned, physically challenging, and always fun. Besides getting an amazing full-body workout and coming out exhausted each week, I love the research and energy she brings to each class. She has a passion for all things athletic and is constantly researching new ideas and moves to integrate into her class. By continuously educating herself and incorporating her findings, no two classes are ever the same but every class is very challenging. During class, she carefully demonstrates and explains each move, often adding an anecdote from her research. Best of all, her energetic and cheerful personality is contagious and I often find myself smiling even when my muscles are burning. I look forward to her class each week and am sad if for some reason I am not able to make it. Amanda is a fantastic trainer and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get into shape or to take their fitness to the next level.” -Maddie
“Thanks for training me and kicking my butt! You constantly change up my workout, keeping me engaged and making every workout interesting!” -Faith
“Amanda is a wealth of knowledge in the area of fitness and exercise. I can always count on her to push me to my fitness limits in a challenging, yet safe manner. She’s really raising the bar in the fitness industry!” -Yvette
“Amanda’s energy is contagious. She is constantly motivating me with her positive attitude and excellent workout routines. My muscle tone and cardio levels have improved dramatically since I started my fitness training with Amanda. She’s one of a kind, a true gem.” -Bessie
“Since training with Amanda, I have seen a dramatic increase in Strength, and I feel an overall sense of being in better shape! My back and neck pain has decreased and my posture has improved. I would recommend Amanda because she truly personalizes each session based on my needs, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. I also have learned valuable nutritional information and she encourages healthy habits.” -Lyndsey R.
“I have worked with several trainers in the past, and it goes without question that Amanda has been the BEST! She gives a lot of time, attention, and dedication to each session, and the workouts are always well balanced and enjoyable. Since working with her my endurance has improved, as well as my muscle tone. With Amanda’s dedication to teaching you about fitness, I have learned the importance of a balanced fitness routine that I have applied to my own workouts. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a committed, knowledgeable, and friendly trainer!” -Anna K.