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My Approach

Let’s face it – Personal Training these days has become more about where you are being told WHAT to do without the WHY, lacking the fundamental purpose needed to meet individual fitness goals in an injury preventive manor.Exercise related injuries are on the rise, with little to no education on how to minimize your risk and prevent them.


My personal training approach is to first understand your goals, why they are important, and how they will impact your life. A functional movement assessment is included to identify joint compensations that will increase your risk for an exercise related injury, and that is the first thing that I address and correct. With this information, I can then create individualized exercise programs that are purposeful, coincides with specific goals, and minimizes the risk of injury. . You will not only meet your fitness goals, but I will teach you valuable lessons about different fitness topics and principles to help you safely maintain your fitness level and goals.

What’s your overall training philosophy in a nutshell?
  • Workout with purpose and goals. Without these, you’re just going through the motions and sabotaging your fitness gains and motivation. We define your purpose and goals at our initial FREE Consultation.
  • VARIETY IS KEY! Your body needs to be stimulated with different exercise intensity levels that focus on: muscular strength, muscular endurance, balance, power, speed, agility, stability, mobility, joint integrity, and energy system training to continue to get results and to function better in real life, sports, outdoor activities, etc. Variety also helps minimize exercise related injuries and overtraining.
  • Your MIND holds the key to your fitness success, not your natural physical ability. In addition, the questions you ask yourself can determine how successful you are in your workouts and in life in general. My programs are more than just conditioning the body, we will condition your mind too.
  • You must BUILD A FOUNDATION to make sure your body can handle your workouts before you incorporate advanced techniques. Foundational movement work, mobility exercises, stretching techniques, breathing techniques, etc. are ongoing in my fitness program to promote joint integrity that minimizes the risk of injuries. Like FMS creator and physical therapist Gray Cook says “you can’t stack fitness on top of dysfunction.”
  • A fitness program is like writing a prescription. You can’t write one until you know all the facts. Beyond just one-on-one conversations, functional movement screens are used to help establish the appropriate frequency, intensity, volume, and mode for your program. The concept of SPECIFICITY is then applied, meaning you will be trained in a specific manner to produce a specific adaption or training outcome. All of my programs and methods are scientifically based with proven research.
What qualifies you as someone I should listen to?
  • I started out as weak – physically and mentally – as anyone could be. Over the course of time, and with a lot of hard work, I transformed my body, my mind, and my life. Now I can use that knowledge to DO THE SAME FOR YOU!
  • I could sit here and go on about my certifications, (which are listed on my Bio page), but what is more important is someone who is going to be COMMITTED to your success by building a relationship with you. I will get down in the trenches with you, help you every step of the way, and get to know as well. I make myself available outside of our sessions to solidify my commitment.
  • Fitness is an ever-evolving industry, and no one trainer should can really ever say “I’ve made it, I am the best trainer ever,” because every day new scientific studies, training methods, equipment, etc. are coming out. You need someone who is going to stay on top of of the latest proven fitness concepts to take you to that next level. You need a Private Fitness Investigator like myself!
  • As a private fitness investigator, I am constantly scouring the internet reading new workout methods, tips, studies, and trends so that I can provide the best QUALITY in my programs. However, I also make sure the resources I use are reputable with practices that show proven success.
  • I believe ongoing education is very important, and I continue to acquire new certifications to continue to be a well-rounded fitness coach.