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The 10 Forms of Wealth: The Best Self-Improvement Tool

Since the holidays are upon us, this is usually a time of year where we reflect back on our lives: what we are thankful for, the struggles we have endured, the mistakes we made, and the new year resolutions to achieve.

I had the pleasure of being introduced to the 10 Forms of Wealth wheel when I attended the Todd Durkin Fitness Mentorship last year, and I REALLY thought it was a useful tool to help evaluate all areas of my life and find ways to improve them, in order to live a more healthier, happier, and harmonious life. So I wanted to share this exercise with you as well.

You will notice for each category, there is a 1 through 10. You want to RANK where you are in each area of your life. Keep in mind when you are ranking each area of your life:

•10 is where YOU want to be
•Rate yourself where you are TODAY, right NOW.
•Pay attention to where there is disharmony imbalances in the wheel
•Evaluate yourself each month.

After you Rank yourself, you THEN write out 3 things (a measurable action) that you can do to improve each individual area. Do this in a journal, piece of paper, or notepad (BUT DONT LOOSE IT!)

Details about each area are given below:

1) Spiritual/ Inner Self

This is the spiritual side of you. Do you take any sort of quiet time to nourish yourself? Do you have clarity of thought? 10 minutes a day to feed your heart is imperative. Meditation, church, anything that works on the INNER YOU.

2) Physical Health

Are you exercising as hard as you want to? Are you eating right? Have you done what you need to recover from a physical injury, setback, or health condition? What are you doing to improve your overall health?

3) Mindset

Do you have your mind right? Is that little person in your head always taking negative or positive thoughts? Are you motivated or unmotivated in life? If your mindset keeping you from reaching any current goals you have? Are you doing things to improve your mindset? (ex. self improvement tools, motivational quote reading, etc).

4) Family

Are you getting quality time with your family? Are there any relationships that need tending to? Relationships that you can help improve?

5) Professional

Are you where you want to be in your career? Are you happy and passionate about what you do? Are there fears or frustrations holding you back from your full potential? Do you need a career change?

6) Financial

Are you where you want to be financially? Are you working towards more time freedom or money freedom? or are you struggling? Do you want to start saving money better? Budgets?

7) Circle of Genius/Social

Who do you surround yourself with? Are these positive people? Are these people weighing you down? It is said if you look at the 5 closest people you surround yourself with, you most likely have the same mindset and thought process. So choose wisely with who you spend time with.

8) Adventure

Are you having fun in your life? Are you building adventure into it? Do you have trips/vacations/outings planned? (big or small). Are you taking time off here and there?

9) Love

How is your love towards yourself? Do you need a little makeover on your self love? (sometimes we can be our own worst critic). What are you doing daily to show love to yourself? I always say do one small thing a day JUST FOR YOURSELF (ex. short walk, read chapter in book, yoga class, 20 minute nap, etc). Also- are you spreading the love to others? Do you go out of your way to do nice things for others? (remember, KARMA).

10) IMPACT/Legacy

Are you doing things greater than you are? Are you doing things positively to impact your community? (charity/volunteer work, etc). Are you doing things to positively impact your family/kids after you are gone? Are you living a life worth telling a story about?

Comment below and let me know if you found this exercise helpful!

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